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  1. What Leomie said was so unprofessional... even though the angels aceppt the contract because of the stability it gives you, I don't remember them going out there spoiling everything (at least not during the time they were angels) and most of the latest ones had the dream to become one for lots of reasons. I think she'll end up being fired. I might be wrong but remember when Jessica Hart was fired because she said Taylor Swift didn't fit the vsfs?
  2. If she's losing weight, i think it's just because she didn't workout much before she was casted for last year's show (at least she didnt post it), so now that she's working out she's losing some weight. I think VS will never make her loose weight because she was contracted like that, VS likes her this way and she's looking amazing with her body. Erin, for an example, was pressured to loose weight because she gained over the years, she was very skinny when she was contracted. She wasn't "supposed" to gain weight or anything like that. So, if Barbara is getting a little bit thinner, it's because she wants to, not because VS is telling her to, like people tend to think. This theory may be wrong, but I saw it on an insta comment and it makes a lot of sense.
  3. I don't think so... she doesn't looks super thin in the SI issue
  4. The lipglosses are amazing! That's the only product I have, so can't give my opinion about the rest of the products
  5. I think Barbara is also going because of Armani along with Sara; plus, she's been very popular for a lot of time! So, we'll have 6 angels there if she goes (and hopefully Behati) 🤞
  6. If it really ended, it was probably some months after the vsfs 2017
  7. I don't think the brand itself cares that much. But I think Sophia, Monica, Ed or John would say something about it, or Lily herself. And of course it was a friendly and mutual decision if it was made, since she was friends with so many people there and wasn't really working much for VS since 2017. Anyways, let's wait for that time of the year so we can really confirm things
  8. I still think Lily's an angel... I mean, she worked with the brand for several years and made so many friends and fans through VS. I don't think she would leave without an oficcial announcement from her or VS, because it's not like she was an angel for 2 or 3 years; she's been an angel for almost 10 years
  9. Barbara is a really great spokesmodel and I'm sure she'll only get better and better with time
  10. Me too! I mean, it doesn't needs to be on a mansion or anything too fancy, I just wanna see them all together (preferably including Candice, Lily and Behati) in a long commercial!
  11. C'mon... last year we had some incredible outfits
  12. So, don't know if this is true but... if it is YESSS!! Really can't wait for the whole vsfs craziness to start on this fandom
  13. Omg yess! I really hope they shoot together again, their photoshoots were incredible 😍
  14. Confirmed angels for the Met Gala: 1- Candice 2- Stella
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