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  1. Hello Buona sera  can you help me with the model ID I am trying to find more information about her but I didn't find any thing , I will be very happy if you can find someting for me dear Bettina she is so stuning and beauty I admire her but I wish to know more abut my role model if you can search for any thing please and I like  your model Elsa Hosk that  is a great image of her any way  I will put my idol as well on the screen on my page  lol dear Bettina .....☺️




    1. Bettina Saw-Morgan

      Bettina Saw-Morgan

      Hello David, I'm triing to search this model, but i find anithing. Sorry 😭

    2. David Haleva

      David Haleva

      okay you saw her images so you must agree she so beauty lol ....thanks  grazie  

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