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  1. LOL. I'm a BC girl! Not from Van, but about a four hour drive away. See. That's because you discriminate against french Canadians.
  2. Heyyyy! I live out west! What's wrong with French Canadians? We can say hot things in bed. Just ask my ex! Have YOU ever had a girl say "I want you so bad" in a foreign language?
  3. In some pictures I think she looks gorrrrgeous, and in others I'm just not sure.
  4. Black Canary! I was her for Halloween. Leather bustier, fishnet, black boots, a black leather jacket, and black motorcycle gloves? Hellllls yes.
  5. teacup


    All we have here is La Senza. I LOVE underwear, so whenever I get gift cards it's to there. Haha. (I don't know anybody else who got La Senza gift cards for a graduation gift! )
  6. I'll help you lot get back on topic. 5'3 and 110-115 pounds depending on the day. I'll definitely never be a model, that's for sure. Haha.
  7. How have I never seen this girl before? She is SO beautiful! Wow. Definitely somebody to keep an eye on.
  8. Yayyy yay for Canadians! Oh, my igloo? It's feelin' pretty solid thanks to the fact that it is now December - we suffer a little melting in July (y'know, the only summer month. ) Not that long! Threeeeee weeks! Haha. ACTUALLY IT'S ONLY SIXTEEN DAYS. HAH.
  9. I agree - small boobs (though proportionate, I suppose) and a big bum and hips (which I love. LOVE). My sister has HUGE boobs and zero bum. At all.
  10. I'm not sure if I would. My ex and I were actually talking about this the other day - most days I'm perfectly happy with my breasts (I'm 5'3 and have a 32B cup) but other days I wouldn't mind if they were a little bigger, especially depending on what I'm wearing. My little sister has HUGE breasts and it makes me crazy jealous, but other days I know that I look WAY better braless than she does...my boobs are small, but perky and firm, and at sixteen her boobs already look a little...saggy. So at the end of the day, I guess no, not until I after I have all my kids and my boobs aren't as perky as I would like. Then I might. Otherwise, I know I'm hot with or without bigger breasts, and if I think I'm hot, that's really all that matters - I don't need to date a guy who doesn't agree, and I certainly won't change myself if he doesn't. So a big fat no until my kids make my boobs disappear - and then...hell yes! (:
  11. Haha I was thinking more like Daria Werbowy, Jessica Stam, Andi Muise and Coco Rocha. I am farrrr from five foot eleven. BUT THANKS GUYS. <3 (And I'm eighteen in THREE weeks plzkthnxbai.)
  12. I have my bellybutton and both ears pierced once, and as soon as I turn eighteen I'm getting a tattoo of a rose somewhere on my back...not sure where though yet.
  13. I am SUCH a huge fun of Abbey, and I LOVED her in the VSFS. I think she totally kicked all the other models' butts in most of the segments, and I thought she looked really good in her last outfit. (: Thanks for the pictures!
  14. teacup


    I don't know if it's just me...but I cannot tell the difference between Erin Heatherton and Lindsay Ellingson! They look identical to me! =/
  15. hai folks! i'm katarina. or katty. or kat. typically katty. i'm seventeen (eighteen in like THREE weeks, gah!) andddd i'm basically here to hang out in the female models section. <333 i've been stalking it for ages, and recently decided i'd love to be able to POST in it. anyhow...i'm not really sure what else there is to say about me (besides the fact that i am canadian (and that canada is in the top ten list for the country with the most beautiful women at like number eight!)) so that's about all!
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