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  1. chichita

    Natalia Vodianova

    can anyone post the whole editorial of this thx
  2. chichita


    thanks a lot sweet-lady and ann mary
  3. chichita


    Thanks sweety-lady i like it but have anyone this in HQ?
  4. chichita


    Can anyone post the original pictures of this walli pls? I like this picture very much
  5. chichita


    Hey welcome to BZ hope you have fun here
  6. chichita

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday OriginalSin, benitezdk
  7. chichita

    Cam Gigandet

    oh my godness...he is f***in hot! I dont know him,in which season of oc does he acting? I have already watchin the first season,because after the first season ends ,in germany the season 2 are only on saturday afternoon on tv... (horrible english - ignor it please )
  8. chichita

    Adriana Lima vs Jessica Alba

    Adriana i love her so much
  9. chichita

    Milo Ventimiglia vs. Wilmer Valderrama vs. Adam Rodriguez

    awww c'mon thats very easy...milo
  10. chichita

    Channing Tatum vs Justin Timberlake

    they are both pretty hot but Justin a little bitmore than channing
  11. chichita

    Paul Walker vs. Chad Michael Murray

    thats no quetion paul