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  1. Last weekend, I went to a church in a nearby village. What profession would you have if you could choose anything in the world?
  2. {name}

    Weight Loss

    My personal diet secret is to not starve yourself and do a lot of sports. Try to eat healthy, but don't forbid yourself to eat chocolate, ice cream, cheese or whatever your craving is. And if you do a lot of sports you also burn a lot of calories. I think that's the healthiest and easiest way to loose weight-Instead of trying those crazy trend diets. By the way, the Victoria's Secret Angels have amazing diet and workout plans- If you want check out my website (see signature), I got a collection of diet plans, workout routines, beauty secrets and recipes of each Angel
  3. She's beautiful..and I can't believe how incredibly fit she is (Have you seen her tummy??)
  4. {name}


    LOVED her dress in Cannes, the silver one. One of her best looks in months in my opinion.
  5. I like her a lot, although she's definitely more curvy than the other VS models. Her eyes are gorgeous Don't know why but I haven't seen many bikini shots of her yet..
  6. Love this forum..so many pics I haven't seen yet. In my opinion Candice has the perfect body. Alright, she doesn't have huge boobs, but for her body her boobs are perfect (and anyway I don't like boobs like Kate Upton).
  7. {name}


    I love these pics of Adriana. She's still so incredibly beautiful and fit! Here she is at a VS shoot, hope nobody posted it yet
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