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  1. got together with family too. did fireworks the whole shabang

  2. im good :)

    what u doing?

  3. thanks :)

    it was great, whatd u do?

  4. exactly i dont feel the spirit of these holidays anymore.

    its jsut another day. ooh? a bf since when? lol

  5. ahh holidays,ive been working and i gotta work the day after christmas and the daya fter new years, so the holidays this year arent a big thing,what r ur plans?

  6. just to see how the person im talking to looks like

  7. oh and happy verrrrry belated birthday

  8. nothings wrong with ur english,so have u posted ur pic yet? just curious

  9. ive never talked to you efore,whats up?

  10. lol. no vodka,id ont think i'll drink for a looooong while.

    and im not to much into bdays,i just went out and had dinner. plus i had to work late so yea :]

  11. i work at ace hardware,its all about tools and things like that

  12. no party,after i work im going to have dinner in town,im not into birthdays

  13. thanks layla,how r u?

  14. thanks :]]] how u been?

  15. hej,i gotta work today,but straight after work im heading to town for dinner :]

    wut u doin?

  16. u know my bday? lol

    thank G-G-G-G

  17. lol it was only two days ago

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