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  1. that blumarine photos reminds me of american beauty !!! beautiful
  2. they used to write saylor in their instagram captions and post a lot of selfies together too so idk
  3. what do you mean ?? taylor hill ?
  4. i'm starting to like this girl !! kinda late ...
  5. here in portugal on twitter was trending a discussion about sara's boobs for being small , people are only now realizing that small boobs actually exist ...
  6. i hope she has more than just one picture
  7. ^ i dont understand your need To be hating on her page , if you dont like bella or her work , dont come here or if you dont have nothing Nice To say , just keep To yourself ... thanks
  8. she is getting so big in the fashion industry !!! so proud of her
  9. Omg she cant carry a umbrella by herself ... poor kendall
  10. DAMN i want to be Unattractive to then
  11. i love her in that video , goofy sexy is the best
  12. Who is lhe blonde girl with bangs next To selena ?
  13. does anyone know if same old love will be upload to youtube , because i can't watch in the site where she put it
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