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  1. "darling doesn't have a problem .... "

  2. you'r welcome :) if you need something just say !!

  3. this people here are hella anoying !! don't worry anymore with that shit about martha , i tottaly agree with you laura !!

    1. Candylicious.


      Argh i know right! It's really annoying. They are so disrespectful, i hate their manners. Hard too let it go for now, but i will try my best :hehe: thanks for comment :hug: nice of you!

  4. summer goals : look like candice in a bikini :)

  5. hi laura !! how are you ? (and thanks for all the contribute here in bz ) and congrats for your country !! i wish portugal could have stayed )

    1. Candylicious.


      Hi you :) yes im fine and you? Ahh youre welcome, it really is my pleasure :D yeahh thank you, really hope we will come far... Yes i was really surprised that Portugal was dismissed so soon, too bad indeed, ahh maybe they do better the next champ !

    2. models990


      I'm good thank you !! I agree with you , but we could have played better but move on !! your vocations are going well?

  6. let's goo portugalll

  7. i'm just happy !!

  8. jennifer lawrence is the love of my life <3

  9. so many fake people here !! ilbp

  10. so many bitches on bellazon ...

  11. where's the pizza ??

  12. i'm soo excited for christmas :)

  13. i just have two letters for you , f and u !

  14. love your new set , karlie is amazing wendy

  15. victoria's secret is life

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