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  1. 4 hours ago, Enrico_sw said:


    You like and cook chocolate, you have a happy profile picture, you talk about dreamy landscapes like Iceland and you're often ready to discuss :heythere:

    (BTW, I really think that I'm gonna go to this Iceland place, Reynisdrangar, one day)

    And is that enough?! Ooookay, I'm fine with it. Haha


    I'd rather not say anything about that girl. 

  2. I'm disappointed by this year's videos. First of all, I don't like this theme "Stay Strong", most of the videos are so boring and nothing like sexy imo. And there are these videos of Emily's and Barbara's, which have even nothing to do with that theme. 

    And I like Barbara, she was kinda sexy, but this is nothing more what I imagine she's doing every time when she puts her steps in a club,so that's pretty disappointing, I saw these moves from her many times. Boring.


  3. Lolz


    I just wanted to write a post here yesterday, that this topic has no sense. There's no talk in it. It is just a bunch of pictures. No difference than in the crush of the day topic, or any other random topics on bz. But then I changed my mind, didn't make a comment. And let it go... 


    So thank you Enrico_sw for making this topic a lil bit more versatile!

  4. I can't see this video, but in comments under other YouTube videos they say she says probably this: Io sapevo.. I know (in Italian first, then in English when she turns right). I guess she felt that he'll miss it, that's why she said this, and nothing like asshole. They seem like a happy couple. 

  5. I meant that I give up on trying to convince you that the system is corrupt here and I didn't do anything wrong (wrong enough). 


    I'll do it sooner or later. I just wish the good weather would stay, I've never driven in rain or fog. 

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