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    Modelling, HOT boys, actors. I'm in love with Will Chalker and Andrew Cooper. Reading, going out with friends, Photoshop, video editing...

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  1. 35 Years Old Yummy Will Chalker | Shirtless for SEVENTH MAN MAGAZINE (Ft. his wife Chloe Pridham) I want to ride him in the 3rd pic :_(
  3. After marriage Will is even hotter! OMG I need to change my pants. For me he was and he will always be the most perfect man on Earth. Will Chalker - Reserved
  4. It was so hard to find something new about his wedding, but thanks to @lydprid, his new sister in law, I could get some new information. Will Chalker and Chloe Pridham wedding PART II Will and Chloe. Will Chalker's new sisters in law and father in law with Chloe. Will Chalker - Love Chemistry - Vogue Russia January 2015
  5. I have never found anything about it MSwift. It was said that one of his ex-girfriend published them. I think those pics didn't affect so much his career. He also reminds me of Paul. Will is, and he always will be, my favourite male model <3. Will Chalker - Winter 2014 - Boden Clothing Will Chalker - Blue skies for Boden - Locationscotland
  6. Unfortunately we don't know that much about Will Chalker's private life. He's not using his Twitter account anymore and he deleted his Instagram account. Probably everything is related with his Webcam scandal. So far as I know, he was dating a spanish girl some years ago. He met her in one of his shootings for a spanish magazine. Nowadays Will Chalker is married with a really gorgeous model, Chloe Pridham. Chloe is a lucky girl since she was dating David Gandy before getting married with my Will. Will Chalker married model Chloe Pridham in August 2014. Will Chalker's Wife: Chloe Pridham with her ex David Gandy. Will Chalker and Chloe Pridham wedding.
  7. Will Chalker - Bodem Behind The "Seams"
  8. Thank you for the last video sanja <33 Will Chalker - Nordstrom Fall 2014 Men’s Catalogue (Fall 2014)
  9. Will Chalker - J.Crew October Style Guide (Fall 2014)
  10. My husband Will Chalker - Shirtless
  11. Will Chalker - Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2014 Catalogue
  12. Wow I will follow this topic now on *_* He's yummy and lovely! Wanna see more. (I entered here cause of his family name) XD
  13. thanks andzelikaxxx! *_* Love OLZEN pics. I would marry them for the video they made AndreW_W. Also for this amazing shooting. More more more!!
  14. I miss him *_* Will Chalker - Coach Pre- Fall 2013 Campaign - By Glen Luchford
  15. I just discovered him and it has been by far a quite interestig finding. I wanna see some more before becoming an official fan. Good job with the pics guys! X)
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