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  1. Lesotho

    Lara Schmidt

    Thanks for these...she is so pretty!
  2. Lesotho

    Sophie Mudd

    She's a miracle
  3. Lesotho

    Rachel Cook

    I just love this girl...not only because she is gorgeous as hell but she seems genuinely nice and normal. And I love the little video she took from youtube...glad I saved it before because it's sexy and funny as hell. Like her little crazy dance moves
  4. Lesotho

    Rachel Cook

    How can one not love this girl
  5. Lesotho

    Ashley Graves

    What a gorgeous girl!
  6. Lesotho

    Maja Krag

    Good Lord, so amazing. I love herthanks!
  7. Lesotho

    Jessica Buch

    She's insanely hot and gorgeous
  8. Lesotho

    Joy Corrigan

    Thanks! I just love her.
  9. Lesotho

    Maja Krag

    Thank you!!!
  10. Lesotho

    Maja Krag

    The best!!
  11. Lesotho

    Joy Corrigan

    Thank you so much!
  12. Lesotho

    Joy Corrigan

    Thank you. Gosh, I love her
  13. Lesotho

    Emily Ratajkowski

    In my opinion, she's not an attention seeking fame whore. People simply realize how gorgeous and versatile she is...she's becoming a household name,nothing wrong with that.
  14. Lesotho

    Maja Krag

    OMG!! Thank you so much
  15. Lesotho

    Joy Corrigan

    Thank you...but she doesn't need to "get" sexy...she is already so sexy!