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  1. Well, that is her problem right?
  2. For the general public her opinions are stupid, dumb, ridiculous etc. etc. For Doutzen alone her opinions are correct.
  3. Happy Birthday DOUTZEN!!! For me you are the BEST. And If someone has forgotten, Doutzen is ABSOLUTELY FREE to believe whatever she wants. She is a successful model, she has a lovely family and she is having the time of her life even with these awful circumstances. It is called Democracy LADIES AND GENTS.
  4. Where can I find these photos please?
  5. No words!!!! Just admiration Ladies and gentlemen.... Well, mainly gentlemen.....
  6. Μπράβο Ροζάνα. Πολλά Πολλά συγχαρητήρια!!!
  7. How desperate can this person get. My god. So fucking ridiculous. First of all let me say that I am from Greece my name is Panos and as a Greek I am very proud for having Mrs Sophia Neophytou as Creative Director in Victoria's Secret brand. Secondly I have to say that Karlie Kloss is a BEAUTIFUL!!!! and successful woman. To say someone Karlie Kloss is this Karlie Kloss is that perhaps he/she is living on another planet. As for the show: FANTASTIC - UNIQUE - EXQUISITE!!! Not that I expected something less from VS. BRAVO GIRLS!!!!
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