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  1. OMG! This one's priceless! At first, I was thinking, "Does Hana have a son already? So fast!" Then I clicked on it and it was just this really really short dude! He only goes until her waist!
  2. Oh! Haha, silly me...
  3. 10!!! Caroline and Tash are the BEST!
  4. They're called tarsiers...! Just look at its eyes! Jeez...
  6. Does anyone have video's or photos?
  7. FOUND HERR!! Now, Cyperooo, where's the candy?
  8. Awww thanks hun! Actually the whole thing wasn't painful. It was just after the anesthesia weared off... Oooh! Boyfriend! Cheers to yaaa!
  9. has a really cute set! who's on it?
  10. Oh. They said she did in the News thread....
  11. Try pushing it out. No. wait. Eww. Don't push it out. Try what Matthi said, Eat it out..
  12. Ale views this thread right? If she does, HI ALESSANDRA!!!
  13. hola! uhm, not much actually. still summer so im just bumming in the house always. although im getting my braces really soon! :(


  14. ^Oooh..jeez! That happened to me once.. <_<
  15. That is Sasha, isn't it? Coz its kind of confusing with the name in the background... Referring to this photo:
  16. ^^ I know! That's exactly what I was thinking!
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