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  1. sure i will! i wanna go back badly!

  2. You definitely should! For you (since you earn in dollars, am i right?), if you shop there, things would be like dirt cheap. bags there..like fake ones but still really good quality would only cost you 10 dollars. :laugh:

  3. definitely! and don't forget the bags and shoes too! :))

  4. Fun :)) Lotsa shopping! Haha!

  5. hola! uhm, not much actually. still summer so im just bumming in the house always. although im getting my braces really soon! :(


  6. Yeah! They just don't know how much we miss them!

  7. i know, very worried actually. but the same goes to dianne. ust be very busy as well with work and everything..

  8. yeah, i don't see soyee around here as much. same goes to you! haha, where do you think she's been?

  9. heyyy oleg! im great, urself? :)

  10. Muahahahaha! No School! Haha! Its summer here! You?

  11. aww, im good! you? have a great weekend as well sweetie! :) :)

  12. aahh. yeah, that usually sucks :D

  13. Oh! Haha, thanks! I made it :D Err, you're busy eh? With school or work?

  14. Hiii :) I'm good, how are you?

  15. aww :) thanks ^_^ haha.

  16. Ahnyoung Soyee!! Haha!! Right spelling?

  17. Hey Soyee! We've missed ya!! Where've you been??

  18. Hey there Ange! How are you sweetie? :hug:

    I just noticed that you scuba dive!! I do too!! Hahaha!

  19. It didn't appear :( Could you send it again? :hug: Love ya forever!!

  20. Cyp!! You're spoiling me!! Haha!!

    Could I have it? LMAO!

  21. Hey Nita!! I'm great :) Yourself? :hug:

  22. I'm great! Thanks, yourself?

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