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  1. Barbara for LUI magazine (© c-oli on weibo.com)
  2. Hi, it's me again. 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Launch Week. Photos by Taylor Ballantyne.
  3. Hi! I bet no one in here remembers me anymore, since I left for a very long time. But hello to you all, especially ILUVAdrianaLima! Anyway, I just came here to spread some positive vibes (hopefully, lol. I remember how it works in here). I think Barbara had a good day today and looked lovely throughout the entire day in Miami. Her look during the fan event was cute, her hair especially. And her dress tonight was sexy, in my opinion. I loved how much it sparked. She looked lovely and on point today. Here are some pictures from today, which I found to be beautiful; Credit to; @lfelizphotography, @glenn_roberson_photography, @yelssingsphotography on instagram.
  4. Hi. Some new Barbara pics for you guys. artandcommerceproduction.com/go-sees
  5. Hey everyone. I haven't posted anything lately because I'm incredibly busy and have to deal with some personal things right now that keep my from posting, and my VS browser kind of gave up on me anyway and doesn't really load pictures anymore and doesn't work in general. So I unfortunately can't post VS since it's too much work for me at the moment. But I was able to collect these new lovely photos of Stella for VS. :wub2: Enjoy! With that I'm off again, see you soon. Bye.
  6. ^ Which soul? Haha, just kidding! But you're welcome. @elleaus via instagram
  7. Long time I last posted something here, lol. Video; Barbara Palvin and Megan Gale reveal MakeUp Genius App https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiGaSpPLVTE @marieclaireau; Just stole a moment with @realbarbarapalvin and @lorealparisau, who showed us her best blue steel. What do you think? #BlueSteel #HanselHesSoHotRightNow #Zoolander #Zoolander2 Edit; Forgot this very short 'interview' with the Herald Sun (link, sorry) SUPERMODEL CAUTIOUS OVER MOVIES http://www.pressreader.com/australia/herald-sun/20150325/281990376016702/TextView
  8. VS Those are only available on their website, not the browser.
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