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  1. You are too nice Layla. I am in dental school and yes its very depressing here. I wish I had picked a different track. Anyway enough about me, how is everything with you?

    Anna J has become my new favorite model btw.

  2. The Dolce Gabbana ads are repulsive, for a fashion brand of that level, they could have done heck of a lot better job
  3. those vs swim are not too bad. If it had the words Dior or Chanel instead of VS, then you would be praising the hell out of it.
  4. Whaat?? Why??

  5. Just at the university, I hate it here. People are so competitive that its hard to make friends and those that you try to be friendly towards, they never reciprocate that level of friendship back. I wish I could go away from here permanently.

    haha, did Granny get drunk??

  6. CELINE!!!

    Belated Happy New Year to you!

    I am so busy with studies now, I wish I had more time to come here.

  7. Sam12

    I just checked and saw your message. Belated Merry Christmas haha and a Happy New Year to you!!

  8. Ire, I miss you too. Its so lonely here.

    Hope you have a Happy New Year!

  9. 1. Raquel Zimmerman 2. Lara Stone 3. Caroline Trentini 4. Eugenia Volodina 5. Karolina Kurkova 6. Gisele Bundchen 7. Isabeli Fontana 8. Valentina Zeliaeva 9. Arlenis Sosa Pena 10. Natasha Poly
  10. Yes, its mainly because she bleached her eyebrows and lightened up her hair that she seems so harsh at times. If you check out some pictures of her from a couple of years back, she looks different. But the thing is she had been in the fashion industry since 1999 and her career only took off once she changed her getup by making her features harsh once she signed with IMG.
  11. The intensity of the show has completely disappeared. It was not memorable at all. Usually I would want to watch the shows again and again but this one is not worth it.
  12. It was a complete failure, expected more from them, but they keep disappointing
  13. it just did, what was with Selita's pose and whats with the slow motion
  14. Compare this to the 2005 show, this looks like a joke
  15. tell me about it, it looks like a freak show than a fashion show
  16. Doutzen stopped by CW11 Morning News today, the clip is here http://weblogs.cw11.com/news/local/morning...kroes.html#more
  17. you are the best Vampire I have lost track of how many times I have said this already lol
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