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  1. Is it me or did she look a bit tired this year, her face looked weird this year on the VS fashion show. She looked very hot last year though.
  2. thanks a lot for welcoming me everyone and the credit for the avi goes to persuazn
  3. Sam12


    I loved the black hair on her last year. She was the best looking model last year, and even this year she was awesome but not up to the quality as last year. I still love her though. BTW is she still promoting Maybelline products or does she only have Victorias Secret left?
  4. I am Sam, just wanted to introduce myself
  5. Models- 1. Karolina Kurkova 2. Adriana Lima 3. Hana Soukupova 4. Eugenia Volodina 5. Gisele Bundchen 6. Caroline Trentini 7. Bianca Balti 8. Miranda Kerr 9. Ana Beatriz Barros 10. Raquel Zimmerman
  6. she was the surprise package of the VS show, she was so HOT there, she looked better than 90% of the models there, I never knew about her before, will find out about her more now
  7. Sam12


    Is it me though or did she look better last year? Still she rocked this year, second in my opinion to KK
  8. no one really looked slutty, they all looked quite sexy I think, but I agree last year's show was much much better, I guess the energy was missing this time and the music sucked this time. Heidi and Tyra not being there made a big difference. I think they shouldnt have cast models like Heather, Jeissa and Rosie Huntington Whitley. They should have used models like Eugenia instead. I missed her this year. KK rocks, agree with u on that
  9. Can I use this http://img526.imageshack.us/img526/6687/adriana2cr3.gif ?
  10. I am new here I saw the show last night and I liked it, but did not love it like last year's. In my opinion they had a lot of "girls" there and not enough "women" this year. I loved the Femme Fatale(2nd segment), Tartan segment and the Stewardess segment, but nothing gelled together. My favorites were Adriana Lima(so hot and fierce), Hana(she was a surprise for me, she looked perfect, especially in the first segment), Ana BB(hot), Karolina(fantastic body) , Caroline Trentini(was great in the Tartan segment), Moranda Kerr(so cute and a young version of Adriana), Gisele(sexy as always) and I liked how Julia Stegner ended the Femme Fatale section. I also liked Andi Muise but she wasnt as great as the others. Now the main problem as I have said before was the inclusion of dolled up girls, especially that Pink segment, it was a disaster. I disliked each and every one of those girls there except Miranda, cause they didnt fit. Why couldnt they get more real women like last year. Instead they got dolled up clones this year. Everything else was nice though
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