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  1. Indeed. Same house would be 10 million in LA
  2. I'm getting withdrawal from her photos at VS.
  3. I can't find the Maxim mag anywhere. I guess I'll have to pay 15 dollars for it on Amazon.
  4. I don't know their history so please correct me if I'm wrong but looking at it logically, it seems to me that he bought the house and at some point Jojo agreed to move in with him. I can't imagine the pain in the ass it is for both of them to live in TN when their work is in LA.
  5. 100000000% agree. I think lounge intimates could possibly fill that spot. Hire all the angels that were just fired.
  6. 1000% agree. It's awful. Their legacy is destroyed. They should change the name to Karen's Sock Drawer because that's what it looks like.
  7. They completely destroyed VS All they had to do was add a separate line for plus size women. Like VS Pink is for teens with it's own models and campaigns. They could of called it VS Plus with it's own models and campaigns.
  8. Former makeup artist who just happens to be a millionaire. She didn't start the go fundme page she just shared it. I took it as her raising awareness for someone she knows that was in a terrible accident but society says because it's a Kardashian/Jenner it must be hated on.
  9. Yeah and some were from VS
  10. A reminder of what VS use to look like before everything was torn down by Karen's.
  11. Lots of people have travel for work including models. Thousands of people are still getting on planes everyday. Just have to use extra caution and follow the basic guidelines.
  12. On VS facebook page, people think Taylor is a man in this photo. How anyone thinks this is a man is beyond me
  13. Good god she's insane. Need HQ photos and a video
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