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  1. Who: Aino Vierimaa, 176 cm / 5’9.5″, Finnish, born January 29th. Why: Free-spirited nature lover Aino hails from Finland, where she spent much of her childhood exploring the wild woodlands near her family’s summer cottage. Voluptuous, Aino unashamedly embodies late 80’s glam, but her slightly masculine spirit and charisma avoid cliche. Scouted on an Instagram new face contest held by Brand Model Management just 6 months ago, Aino is still at school as well as modelling in her local market part time. With her sights firmly set on travelling to secondary fashion markets in 2016, where she will gain valuable experience and add to her book, Aino will then head off to the majors. This is one truly modern woodland nymph worth waiting for. The above appeared at Models.com in the New Faces section on Oct. 16 2016 Listed below is Aino link at Models.com. It shows she was able to successfully "head off to the majors" and find work. https://models.com/models/aino-vierimaa
  2. Some Pics without the ad frame
  3. Chantelle 2018 Spring Summer Advertisements. Chantelle Press Room includes huge HQ pics of Aino 2018 SS, Aino 2018 Swim and years worth of other Chantelle https://chantelle.mediamania.be/fr# Link below is for a Chantelle 2018 Spring Summer PDF Catalogue http://www.belleensoie.be/fr/cataloglight/b11~chantelle
  4. Bop I've collected all of her Chantelle content and I'd be happy to add it to the thread. It will include a link to the Chantelle Press Room where you can find huge HQ pics. Is there a list for Press Rooms etc? I search for them because the are such a great source of HQ or High Res pics. I've listed the Chantelle link below to add to the list if there is one. Could you move this over to the Identified list for me. Thank You! https://chantelle.mediamania.be/fr#
  5. Who is the model featured in all the photos for the Chantelle Spring Summer 2018 Catalog and Promotional Items? I don't believe I have ever seen her. Thanks for any help you can give. I am new at this whole process.
  6. I love this forum. Thank You! I found that this model has previous work listed as Elin Gardshol. Keep up the great job!
  7. Thank you very much for the prompt reply. Do I move the post to the Previously Id'ed Section or does the some one else do that? I have no idea how that's done so hopefully someone else can do it. Thanks again! David
  8. Can someone please help me identify the model that is featured in the 2015 b.tempt'd campaign. She is also on photographer Justin Hollar's site. Thank You!
  9. I was not familiar with the Moire Magazine. I searched it and turned up a few more photos. Some are in better quality than others. The cover is very poor. Maybe one of are photo experts can find them all in better shape.
  10. After looking over the updated Aerie site it appears there has been some major changes. Nina and all of the other familiar faces have all most totally been replaced. They have gone away from the "sexy girl next door" look of the last three or four years and returned to the "plan Jane" look they started the company with. If it's a marketing decision it's a mistake. If it's about money I think time will tell that Nina and the others were worth the difference.
  11. I'm surprised how little biographical information can be found on Nina. A list appears here of the modeling agencies she is listed with. I count 32 companies that she has modeled for in the last four years. As some of her biggest fans could we try and put together a more comprehensive biography. There seems to be a limited amount on her before she became a sensation at age 17 or 18. The only thing I could find is her answers to two questions on Aerie's Friend's and Family interview. When did she start her career? or put another way when was she "little"? How did your career in modeling begin? I got scouted in Denmark for an Elite Model Look Competition. I didn’t end up winning because I was too short, but I started modeling after that. When you were little, did you know modeling was going to become your thing? I honestly didn’t like it in the beginning. I wasn’t used to people always touching me and I felt like a product, but now I like it.
  12. There are a few repost but you have made them available in a larger HQ size. The new pictures are in the same large HQ size. This is one of my favorite campaigns. Somehow they look more "high class" than most of the others. Thank you very much!
  13. Several of these are in HQ for the 1st time. You have made some others available in HQ in a larger size. A few are new pictures. A great 1st post! Welcome to the forum.
  14. After spending some time looking over my Nina photo collection I have to change my mind. I still think her Hottest work and best work is in the Bare Necessities collections. I've printed some of the HQ on 8x10 photo paper. A few could be printed as posters.
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