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  1. More lingerie... Gosh I can't stop buying lingerie. iPad mini (bday present for myself ) Pillows Blanket
  2. Yes!!! I use it way too much to be honest xD lol Do you like blueberries?
  3. Take Pepto Bismol or Coke Syrup. It's alright now, but I'll keep that in mind!! Thanks! -- Eh I wanna lay on the beach right now with a good magazine and a tropical drink
  4. ilovethebeach

    I Am...

    Super super bored!!!! xD
  5. She looks amazing in those candids!! I LOVE that black bikini. Does someone know where it's from??
  6. The best year of my life... Hmm that's a good question!! I think 2005, made a lot of really good friends then. Do you like pizza?
  7. YES!! xD So ready! I can't wait to lay at the pool, swim, have fun w friends... Do you like nachos?
  8. She reminds me of Angelina Jolie in that last pic!! So beautiful
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