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  1. {name}

    General Discussion

    Oooh, and it’s purple! You think Behati gave it to him? 🤔
  2. {name}

    General Discussion

    Oh well, only 1 outfit for Nadine..
  3. {name}

    General Discussion

    I love Nadine (for VS and in general 😆). I think she did great last year, especially in Pink. I'm just prayin' she'll get two outfits again this year (preferably both mainline).
  4. {name}

    General Discussion

    Nadine is also at fittings atm 😍 You think there's a chance I'm gonna get some paparazzi pictures of her since she apparantly arrived at around 6am? 😆
  5. Gosh, too beautiful for this world 😍
  6. Thanks a lot! But those 2 you mentioned were the ones that got released in the first year she became their brand ambassedor, right? That was 2 years ago 😳 Wasn't there at least 1 new lingerie collection a year from Sylvie back then? But as long as there's new stuff coming I'm happy 😆 the pictures from her first campaign were just pure love, absolutely stunning. Even though I have to agree about the style/colours.. something different/new would've been nice
  7. Out of curiosity: does anyone know when her last Hunkemöller campaign came out? I can't, for the life of me, remember when I last saw one. There was a swimwear commercial on television last year, but since then I've seen nothing of her.. 🤨 but maybe I just missed it?
  8.  Ashley Graves. Solange Smith. Rachell Vallori. Stella Trapsh. Chelcie May.
  9. Germany vs. South Africa Lorena Rae vs. Behati Prinsloo 2x1 Bella Oelmann vs. Jessica Lee Buchanan 2x1 Juli Mery vs. Niamh Adkins 1.5x1.5 Belarus vs. Hungary Katsia Zingarevich vs. Barbara Palvin 1x2 Maryna Linchuk vs. Eniko Mihalik 3x0 Zhenya Katava vs. Vanessa Axente 3x0
  10. Argentina vs. South Africa Camila Morrone vs. Nicole Meyer 2x1 Carolina Sanchez vs. Natasha Barnard 3x0 Carolina Garzon vs. Candice Boucher 1.5x1.5 Russia vs. Sweden Yulia Rose vs. Kelly Gale 1.5x1.5 Vika Levina vs. Caroline Winberg 2x1 Sasha Belyaeva vs. Emmy Rappe 1.5x1.5
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