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  1. Princesswind tumblr Kristine Froseth for My BKR
  2. Princesswind tumblr Kristine Froseth for My BKR
  3. Princesswind tumblr @dalit_gwenna: I know, it's obvious we are related today with @kristine_froseth
  4. Thanks a lot for updating her thread with those runway and backstage pictures,Hollander. She is very beautiful now,but that period of her looks with natural hair colour and not to much muscular body before Loreal and even VS was my favourite
  5. Unposted for Urban outfitters Princesswind tumblr
  6. Thank you for the updates, guys Princesswind tumblr.
  7. Unknown photoshoot She looks so adorable here
  8. Found by Princesswind tumblr. Kristine beauty is so soft and pure Urban Outfitters
  9. She looks so beautiful! I like when she is wearing such dresses!
  10. Mood/Theme: 3,8 Music: 4 Visual Elements: 3,8 Effectiveness: 3,7 Likability: 3,8
  11. Mood/Theme -2 Visual Elements - 3 Effectiveness - 1 Likability - 1
  12. Happy Birthday dear!You are the sweetest member on Bellazon.I hope your dreams will come true.I hope wonderful things will happen in your life.Wish you all the best,my lovely friend!

    1. Eleni


      Thank you very much!!!!!! Your words are really nice!!!!!! How are you????!!!!I wish the best to you too!!!!!!!!!!You worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. VS Black Friday Tote TV Commercial (2014) Mood/Theme - 3,5 Music - 3 Visual Elements - 4 Effectiveness - 4 Likability - 4
  14. It was very interesting comp,thanks for your efforts
  15. Mood/Theme: 3 Music: 2 Visual Elements: 3 Effectiveness: 2 Likability: 2
  16. Candice and Alessandra Bridget and Chanel Monika and Elsa
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