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  1. It's either Niklas Nilsson or Niklas Nebelsieck Since there's no pictures or details other than Promod it could be either.
  2. Not being able to see any pictures - I'm assuming it's Tom Webb (Tom Warren was the other option but he doesn't have blonde hair).
  3. I've been wondering how he's been getting on for ages - one of many who just disappeared from the Fashion scene. Then scanning the Details Magazine september cover... I was like... "is that..?" And yes, it is him.
  4. Old Out-take by Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca
  5. LOL, I wonder who the model was that his mum confused him with.
  6. Shame the weather's a bit rubbish for his London visit. End of May is normally quite a nice period.
  7. Matt Benstead http://www.bellazon.com/main/topic/12326-matt-benstead/?hl=%20matt%20%20benstead
  8. Arnaud Francois http://www.nextmanagement.com/london/profile/arnaud-francois http://www.kultmodelagency.com/sedcard/42/Arnaud+Francois HIs Kult Model video -
  9. I'm fairly sure it's Christian Hogue. http://soulartistmanagement.com/men/christianhogue/all.php
  10. I'm fairly sure it's James Gomersall - he's an actor and model. MOT Models page.
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