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    Emile Hirsch

    I love love love Emile Hirsch! Everything I've ever seen him in is amazing. It was even hard to dislike him in Alpha Dog. Unfortunatley there are so little pictures of him online. I've looked and looked to no avail. I'd love to see some new ones if anyone has them.
  2. {name}


    jeez, that's an obscure one... Diane Kruger Wicker Park Matthew Lilliard
  3. {name}

    What Shows Do You Watch?

    I'm a total couch potato, so this list will probably be really long... Grey's Anatomy Laguna Beach Weeds ANTM Lost South Park (genius!) Amazing Race Simpsons Futurama Family Guy Sex and the City re-runs I'm also a sucker for really lame MTV shows like Room Raiders, Date My Mom and Next. I enjoy making fun of the people on it and I usually get a laugh or two at someone's expense.
  4. {name}

    America's Next Top Model

    Thank God that MAN Jaeda was finally kicked off. I couldn't stand her much longer. My boyfriend and I watched this show every week. He's rooting for Caridee, but I have to admit that I have come to love Melrose. I don't think that she's stuck up at all, she just really wants to win and tries hard to do well. That's more than you can say for almost every other girl on this season. She deserves to win, and she definetley has the body for high fashion. I wouldn't be too upset if Caridee won either, she's so cute!
  5. I agree with a lot of the celebs already mentioned, and I have to add Cameron Diaz because..what the hell??? For men though, I have to say I do not get the appeal of Ashton Kutcher. I'm probably a minority there though.
  6. {name}

    Runway Accidents

    hahaha outofdark. i'm sorry i'm not poking fun at you, but you called models stupid and then spelled "necks" wrong. i dont know if anyone pointed that out yet, but it was just funny. This comment has had me hysterically laughing for the last 15 minutes, and I actually came out of lurker mode just to express how hilarious it was. Stupid Models indeed... If it were me that fell on the runway, I would do it ala Jessica Stam and show my embarrassment and then laugh it off. Some of these girls i'm watching just embarrass themselves further by taking it too seriously.