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  1. Don't be so impatient, it has already started as you can see.
  2. dreamss


    Oh come on. That pic is just unflattering. Her stomach was bare in one of the pics when she was shooting with Ale and it was completely fine.
  3. I just did a side by side morph of candid's using the same size picture and lined up the hairline/forehead/eyes/nose/jaw, and Adriana and Sara have nearly identical noses. Sara has a tiny bit larger nostril but that's about it. As for the jaw line there's almost no difference till you look at the width of Adriana's face compared to Sara's (which the jowl is larger thus making the jawline look a tad different). Sure depending on water retention, bad photo-shop, or weight loss it'll change a little, but not that much. Forehead is nearly spot on Sara has a very centered proportionate face, whereas Adriana has smaller higher set lips then Sara, and lower set eyes.
  4. I've never been to Turkey but what you've said about it is basically what I hear as well. She only visits Instanbul there though. No? And I'm sure they pay her a lot. I remember the president (or whatever) of Mavi was thrilled when they started making tons of money after using Adriana, he said they paid her a lot of money and they were seeing their money's worth. And they treat her like a god there. She trends on twitter just appearing on their TV ;laugh:
  5. Girlfriend doesn't even do editorials that much. She seems to be all about the money. Asia seems to be the holy grail for lucrative modeling work. All the celebs and models are running there now. Metrocity is a Japanese brand which is Asian. Turkey is also in Asia so Mavi as well. She hasn't done anything for free other than walking Prada since giving birth. She needs to do some editorials. Do we know of any of her upcoming projects, if she has any? I was hoping her visit to LA in December would be... fruitful but still on word. I guess it was just a visit.
  6. Maybe that's where the money's at?
  7. I have nothing but respect for her Vogue Spain cover!!
  8. I've Stopped visiting the models' threads to see their VS pics because they were becoming less and less sexy, repeatitive and boring. Some of the pictures could almost qualify for the Pink line. But I visited Lily's thread yday and her recent pics are smoking. And Sara is bringing it here. Very sexy. The new pics are much better/sexier than the rubbish they've been giving us for quite a few years now. Also, I don't think hiring Barbara as an Angel would be stupid, she doesn't look at all like Adriana imo. Sara on the other hand does but not to a confusing level to me
  9. I googled them and they have some pretty expensive looking campaigns. Looks like they make watches and shoes too. And as MissLima said, they have stores everywhere. Still though...
  10. Lily is on fire. Those poses! Her body! The sex appeal! Even her face. OMG! These last sets of pictures are one of the sexiest pictures I've seen from VS in a reeeally long time! Flawless.
  11. She looks gorgeous as always on the MC cover, but they retouched her face almost too much.
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