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  1. Both are very hot but there is some difference. Monica is probably older as well. However I gave my vote to her
  2. better? what do you mean with this question?! if you make a poll then do it smart and logical... otherwise its childish crap.
  3. Of course she's pretty! How can you even ask if she's ugly?!!!!!!!
  4. I voted for Eva, she's hotter and has curvier, more feminine body
  5. Cecil

    Kate vs. Petra

    Well it's Kate with sunglasses
  6. she's absolutely gorgeous looks similar like alice dodd.
  7. Kate is media presenter. Petra is a singer
  8. This Venezuelan model, actress and host is unbelievable fit and hot for her age. Born in 1966 she remains stunning and makes you speachless With much, 10 years younger model Ingrid Grudke:
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