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  1. if that's the case I think Vita Sidorkina would have been a better option.
  2. has there been any video post yet with the new angels reveal? when are we gonna see a commercial
  3. I always see Taylor more of a Miranda Kerr vibe than Adriana or Alessandra vibe. she has the baby face cute thing going on.
  4. from the new angels who you think is gonna get the Candice treatment (the favorite one)?
  5. she's too pretty can wait to see more of her, I think she's gonna rock it.
  6. she loiks like Solveig in this photo.
  7. Jac's video is the best. from this group I like Jac, Lais, & Romee. from yesterday group Taylor & Sara
  8. Is between Martha. Stella. Kate & Romee. I guess Romee cause she's the youngest one
  9. my eyes goes straight to Taylor, she looks the best.
  10. I wouldn't really would say that about taylor she was 16years old when she started modeling for them. it was for pink, & pajamas. she's 19.
  11. i know she did I would have replace with Jasmine. and Josephine with Kate, Shanina with Martha.
  12. http://www.bellazon.com/main/topic/57400-whos-your-favorite-angel/#entry3677463 can someone change it to who's your favorite new angel - Done: Pretty
  13. mine is Jac. I meant New angel. forgot too add new in the title.
  14. Shanina >>>>>>>>>>>you read my mine. I was just thinking about Shanina
  15. Angels: Alessandra 4-11-81 (34) Adriana 6-12-81 (33) Lily Aldridge 11-15-85 (29) Candice 10-20-88 (26) Elsa Hosk 11-7-88 (26) Martha Hunt 4-27-89 (26) Behati Prinsloo 5-16-89 (25) Kate Grigorieva 9-15-89 (25) 1st angel ever born in september Stella Maxwell 5-15-90 (24) Lais Ribeiro 10-5-90 (24) Jasmine Stooke 2-1-91 (24) Sara Sampaio 7-21-91 (23) Jac Jagaciak 1-15-94 (21) Romee Strijd 7-19-95 (19) Taylor Hill 3-5-96 (19) the oldest with the youngest are almost 15year apart that is a big gap in between Ale & Taylor
  16. her new becca photoshoot she looks so different
  17. That makes no sense at all, especially when considering they made Lais an angel. Lais is definitely a model with a butt, and she is most definitely a model with boobs. They are even bigger than Josephine's for crying out loud. As a big fan of Josephine I am also upset they did not make her an angel as well, but there is no reason to bash on every model that is now an angel, especially when Lais is such an obvious example proving your theory doesn't hold water.I am not bashing Lais I am actually happy she made it the cut. Yeah out of 10 girl only one is curvy Lais. why can there be more. I am surprise they made Lais an angel. Josephine should had been included it in the list too. this just prove they don't really like curvy models. is rare for VS to make them angels or to hire them
  18. wait now that Sara is the new angel what is gonna happen with her SI work, is she still going to continue working for them or is it going to be over.
  19. is there actually a VS store in Mexico or like in central america like Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Rep. Dominicana. etc. ???
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