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  1. Zhenya's natural exotic beauty is off the charts, only Taylor Hill comes close in my opinion and you can see the two in a picture together posted on this page.
  2. Thanks so much for posting these adds! Lauren Layne is absolutely one of my favorite models right now she is such a natural beauty. Out of most of the current models right now I find her to have one of the best natural beauty looks out there as she has an old school Italian look to her but I'm not sure if she's mixed with Italian or not.
  3. Thanks for the adds she is absolutely stunning!
  4. Testify. https://vine.co/v/OrQv2LW5BBU Blackhawks fans are sexy and I agree it doesn't get more sexier than that. Anytime a hot girl roots for a sports team and is not a bandwagon fan that's hot. That vine video was too awesome for words. Surprised it was empty though she must knows a shortcut to the Nassau Coliseum. Islanders are playing in Brooklyn next year, I bet that doesn't happen again.
  5. This girl is so damn sexy, keep up the good work posting her stuff guys!
  6. OMFG! SHE IS BREATHTAKING! Perfect complexion and great set of legs. Okay I'm about to faint. LOL!
  7. Sorry for the late reply but thank you very much!
  8. Anais making the city of Montreal, the providence of Quebec, and the country of Canada very proud everyday. Keep up the good work sister.
  9. I've started seeing this model lately pretty hard on these two sites Revolve Clothing and Nordstrom.
  10. She's gotta to be the most classy model posted on this site. Thank you for continuing to post her pics.
  11. Love this girl, I need more from her though.
  12. I've always loved her look, thank you guys for updating pics as much as you can.
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