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  1. incredible, this means how much beautiful the blue eyes make you
  2. aww i like the new profile, it's kind of like twitter or something:) we finally can share our thoughts

  3. Love the make up, her eyes are just wow ♥
  4. ADRIANA X392048720739832743205792387502579 doutzen is not feminin
  5. AHAHAH guyss i was just saying ...i didn't say that Candice and Hermann aren't a good couple ,absolutely i love them together cause like you sad they are simple not like all the rest that (they do parties in las vegas ecc... )!! but as i like football players , if she wasn't in a realitionship with hermann i would like if she had a realitionship with fabregas Anyway the Colcci campaign wiiill look stunning

  7. ADRIANAAAAAAAAA X100000 guys are you kidding me;)?? it's obvious that adriana is the sexiest and the prettiest angel in the world ♥
  8. Karlie(even if i hate this model;) Julia Lily Joan Anja Liu
  9. nooo why did she cut her hair..
  10. and above of all she is 30 years old and to look that pretty and natural at this age is pretty difficult she looks like she is 23 or something
  11. I can't stop saying that she is so gorgeous , so perfecttt
  12. yes it's true they will have very cute kids south africa+ brazil= amazing kids amazing origins but i would love if candice would have a realitionship with a football player, like christiano and irina you know
  13. fineee thankss:)

  14. nobody anyway they are very different to be compared
  15. are you kidding me??? CANDICE OF COURSE
  16. Doutzen is prettier but i don't like her body and like model i prefer ana
  17. JESSICA IS very PRETTY AND MORE SWEET and the best thing is that she is natural without plastic surgery but megan is sexier
  18. hiii candifan ♥ how are you?

  19. perfect body , perfect face she would be the perfect victoria s'secret angel
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