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  1. aww i like the new profile, it's kind of like twitter or something:) we finally can share our thoughts


  3. fineee thankss:)

  4. hiii candifan ♥ how are you?

  5. sureee:) starting by now:)

    do you like candice?

  6. thanks sweety :) how is it going?

  7. nina agdal is really beautifull:) she is really growing on me :)

  8. yes it's true :) immagine if adriana had candice bodyyy ;)

  9. what about candice?:)

  10. not very good, saturday night at home:( and looking at your new adri set cheers me up :)

    oh love love love your siggy:)

  11. hi little miss sunshine =)

  12. don't worry :) thanks for the 5 stars <3

  13. oh that's so nice, 5 stars for you <3

  14. i see that you are starting to like candice very much :D:D

  15. who is the model on your siggy?:)

    she looks like amber heard:)

  16. hey we share the same birthday :D

  17. oh i use to hate George Clooney's girlfriend too..ahaha elisabetta canalis and she is italian like me

  18. yes 12 years older then him and she has 2 kids. Her name in Daniela Semaan. -.-Previous girlfirend looked better I think.

  19. i think he is really cute too...but fab is better ;) no? ♥ but i hate his girlfriend

  20. i'm adri's fan too .And those insulting comments against candice are completely unnecessery in Adriana's thead.

    bye bye hun;)

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