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  1. Happy Birthday and 5 stars for you ^_^

  2. Should be Inés Sastre
  3. She is beautiful. I've always liked her.
  4. she is so unique i love her
  5. look at her tummy..it seems like all of her weight gathered there I MEAN the one in the white outfit
  6. when i was zapping i came across the competition and there were the 10 finalists i thought the most beautiful one was the japan, and they didn't prove me wrong miss brazil had a stunning body as well but japanese -unlike her- had a very natural face, i think this contributed to her winning
  7. I like the outfits thanks
  8. that dress looked better on adri
  9. So I was browsing through my web and I randomly noticed this girl is currently using that ^ picture you posted. Is she claiming to be the artist of the drawing or Adriana? I really dunno if she is or not, but it's obvious that she's a huge fan
  10. Where's that from? a friend sent me to ask if it's adriana but i'm almost sure it's from deviantart
  11. Ndakota

    Eva Mendes

    She knows how to dress well, I've never seen her comically dressed until now, thanks for the pics
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