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  1. Clara Morgane

    you can hate her cause she did porn,you can hate her because her singing sucks but one thing you can't deny is that clara morgane is one of the sexiest women alive,her body is out of this world her overall beauty and sexiness make jessica alba look ordinary and for being a french speaker and see her interviews on tve,she has an easy and fun going personality bye
  2. Football

    the good news is that it is possible we will make one more signing for central defence.We only have the aging legend hyppia as cover for carragher-hagger.In all it should round up to 50 million pounds of money well spent.
  3. Football

    on the signing of yossi and ryan.Benayoun utility player with proven premiership experience ,ideal replacement for luis garcia and babel a promising youngster who has impressed recently in the under 21 champs,to me he will have the marc overmars effect at liverpool,just a gut feeling about it.Do i think liverpool can win the league:hell yeah!!!! nough said here is what the king of rafalution da boss himself has to say about our new signings,it's music to my ears:music: :music: "It's too soon when people start trying to make comparisons between him and Thierry Henry. Henry is a fantastic, experienced player who has shown his quality for a long time, but Ryan has all the assets you need to be a top player. "He'll probably play more as a winger but the fact that he can play in both positions means he's a very valuable asset to us. It's good because with a player like him we can always change our plan depending on how a game is going. "The same goes for Benayoun. He can play as a winger and also as a second striker. He has a similar style to Luis Garcia and for opposition defences he will be difficult to control. "Both will be important players for us. Ryan may need a little time to settle down in the Premiership but Yossi already has experience from his time at West Ham." here's a summary of the arrivals for the first team: voronin-free lucas leiva- 6 million pounds torres- 20 million pounds babel- 11.5 million pounds benayoun- 5 million pounds around 43 million pounds spent plus the signing of a host of very talented youngsters who will be challenging for places in the first team in the near future.
  4. Football

    barcelona have a dream team but this means ther will be even much more pressure on that team,with the team they have every defeat is going to be blown out of proportion and treated as a disaster.bellamy is likely to leave liverpool.tevez wants to play for man utd .if they sign him man utd will be one scary team to play against!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Football

    were one (maybe two) decent wingers away from winning the league. Any idea of who's coming after torres red ed?
  6. Football

    i can't believe luis garcia has joined madrid for only 4 million pounds,that's a rip off .With his talent he was worth 8 or 10 million.Thanks for the memories luis.finally torres is coming to liverpool may he be the 20 goals a season striker that we need.
  7. My birthday

    wish you a wicked b day,have fun
  8. Football

    :lol:all those colours will only confuse the refs and add to the offside problems.But liverpool's away kit is better than the yellow one of last season.
  9. Football

    real madrid is so unstable,always has been,a few years back they fired del bosque aften he won the league and champions league,history just repeats itself.There is just too much pressure at that club.This season will be barca's season.
  10. Football

    in my opinion abidal was awesome for france at the world cup and he has gained experience since,if henry is at the top of his game and messi confirms he is the new maradona,no team will be able to beat barca except liverpool:lol:
  11. Football

    i don't want to lose luis garcia,he is a match winner on his day and very precious in champions league football.capello has been sacked after winning the league just like they did with del bosque a few years ago.It makes you wonder why anyone would manage madrid with so much instability at that club.The only reason they won the league was because barcelona was below par and gifted the league to them.Ain't gonna happen now that henry is here.
  12. Football

    i'm happy i'm not a juve fan,shitty season awaits !
  13. Anime & Manga

    ranma was very funny at the beginning but the authors quickly ran out of idea and as a result the episodes became very repetitive and hence boring.
  14. Anime & Manga

    i am a fan of saint seiya ,a cult anime in japan,and ken fist of the north star.I'm also a big fan of city hunter another cult anime.Are there any other city hunter fans on this thread?
  15. Football

    why is no one mentioning voronin,maybe he is the 20 goals a season striker we needed come on rafa spend the cash it's not yours anyway voronin-kuyt for power and technique and crouch-torres/eto'o for finesse, that's two very effective pairings in my opinion with simao and pennant sending in the crosses.