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  1. You'd look pretty ridiculous if you walked around with someone's face growing on you.
  2. {name}

    WHO IS SHE???

    Svetlana Bilyalova
  3. Whether Emily responds to her fans or retweets them is totally her choice. I honestly don't understand why this is an issue.
  4. Yes, but her contract is expiring and they may not sign her to be an 'Angel' any more. She can still walk for them, and can still appear in their catalogs. But she may not be an Angel. Source: defunctonline.com
  5. I have been using this new forum software on my website(s) since it was released. It is very versatile and has hundreds of skins available for it. The administrators here at Bellazon did a tremendous job switching over to this new software. Believe me, all kinds of things can go wrong - and with all the pictures/attachments on this site, I am amazed at how smoothly it has gone. I am extremely impressed. From reading the forums, it seems like they are still "tweaking" the database. This is perfectly understandable. Once this is done and everything is running smoothly, I am hoping they will explore some new skin options. I am just being patient, because it is obvious they know what they are doing.
  6. Kate has an absolutely beautiful face. I don't think she is "letting herself go" at all. I think Kate has the same kind of body shape as Brooklyn Decker. Neither Kate or Brooklyn have very defined hips. This is more noticeable in Kate, I think, because she tends to stand very straight and erect a lot.
  7. Thanks fashiondream for the great HQ pics of Miranda!
  8. Does anyone have any more of her? I am in love!
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