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  1. Satisfaction kills our desire

  2. Happy New Year!!

  3. thank you dear!!

  4. thank you sooo much!

  5. hi Michael! thank you so much for your wishes :)

  6. thank you sooo much!

  7. ahh thanks :) we got over 1,000 hits today! wooo!

  8. that's sweet of you, but don't worry! the hardcore fans get their tickets no matter what!!!

  9. Michael you have to go, even if you're not a fan, a Madonna show ia a Madonna show!

  10. this is the first time EVER that she extends a tour! I don't think she's gonna come to Greece this time... :( she'll go to cities that didn't visit in the first round (except London)

  11. hi Michael*! I'm doing ok, rather busy this period!! Did you hear, Madonna is going to extend her Sticky & Sweet Tour in Europe! Lucky UK residents will get to see her in London and Manchester!

  12. we have the same taste in celebs! Gisele and Madonna! YAY!

  13. don't go for second best baby ;)

  14. hi Kate Winslet fan :) 5 stars only for you!

  15. Happy New Year Michael! I wish you all the best!

  16. Happy new Year!!!!!!!

  17. what did you buy??? :D :D

  18. Merry Christmas Michael, I wish you all the best~!

  19. heya, what's up? :)

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