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  1. Happy Easter Hun :hug:

  2. Happy Easter Sweetie :hug:

  3. Oh it will I promise. I'll probably be on everyday next week since it's Easter Break, can't wait!

    S sick of school right now, nothing but homework :P Guess you can relate :)

  4. haha yeah i've been away for a long time now :P Not on BZ as much as I used to but it's about to change soon.

    How are u btw? :D

  5. Happy weekend hunni, hope to chat to you soon too :D

  6. Haha omg that's so funny, born in the same year too:D Happy belated birthday then i guess! lol XD

  7. Thanks Sweeeetie, missed you too!! :) And I had a great time on my trip :D

  8. LOL Of course :P

  9. Ah great, so your're thinking about moving huh, you must be quit busy then. And yes it has been a while since we last spoke, birthday and everything lol:P

    And i'm doing great, alot in school though:)

  10. Hello!! How are things? :D

  11. Wow more then 5 years!

    u must know everything about the career she's had then! :D

    Have a nice evening :wave:

  12. Oh for years huh!

    How many? :)

    Lol like ur interests '' clicking the mouse a thousand times a day'' :D

  13. Your Welcome :D

    And thanks for the lovely post in Petra's thread, guess ur a Nemcova fan huh? :D

  14. Hey there welcome to BZ and 5 stars for u :D

  15. Hello there, long time no talk :D

    I'm doing great here, longing for the weekend though:P How are u doing? :D

  16. How have u been sweetie? :D

  17. Mooorniiing sweetie! :D

  18. Anytime sweetie! :hugs:

  19. Heey sweetie, how's it going? :D

  20. Ur welcome! :D

    Btw i love ur avi :) xoxo

  21. Hello again stranger, and wooow see u changed ur set! gorgeous! :D

  22. Aaah okey :)

    And yes i did! So beautiful:D

  23. heey sweetie, yeah i know! so how are u :D<3

  24. Ofcourse it's still worth it.

    Thank uuu :D your so nice:)

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