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  1. miss

    Vintage covers

    You're welcome ❤️
  2. miss

    Vintage covers

    This is Hilde Nedrehagen Jensen from Norway Hilde was in the Ford Supermodel of the World competition in 1988
  3. miss

    Vintage covers

    Thanks ❤️ Ingrid is from Norway I have never seen this before ❤️
  4. @Dayrell That's all I have unfortunately 😔 There is not much info to be found about her, neither online or in old magazines Norway has never been good at interviewing or writing about models. I have found information about her in some articles from Norwegian newspapers, but the pictures from the website are no longer available - so this is all I have unfortunately ...
  5. B i o g r a p h y Hilde SolE Hilde (born in 1957) was born and raised in Oslo, Norway. Modeling One spring day in 1975, John Casablancas, the founder of the world's largest model agency Elite, trooped up to Ullevål hospital. There was 17-year-old Hilde, newly operated on for appendicitis. He had seen the commercials she had made for egg milk soap. Now wanted to persuade her to bet internationally. She thought: "Why not?" Hilde had actually decided to become a journalist. But she could make some money first? Two days after graduation, she sat behind the wheel and drove into Paris. Six weeks later, she had her first Elle cover. Soon she had 300 travel days a year. "The big Norwegian Girl" they called her. She said: I was always told that I was great. I lived fine with it. On the model card, the agent wrote that she was 176 cm tall, instead of 178. There were limits to how tall a woman could be. I did not experience sex pressure from photographers. The only one who got mad at me was Helmut Newton. He wanted me topless. When I said no, he did not book me for the next six months. Hilde Sole was a model represented by Elite and has been on the cover to: Time Magazine, French Elle, Grazia, Gioia and Rooi Rose. She was the only women model when Giorgio Armani had their first big ad campaign in fall 1976. Hilde had her based in Paris, Milan and New York – from 1975 until 1985. Love & the Family Then she met Edoardo Polli (born 1947), an industrialist and one of Italy's richest men – while Hilde worked as a model - and it was love at first sight. Hilde became a mother and a stay-at-home mom. She lived a life on private jets, yachts and luxury homes in four countries. Sharon Stone lived with Hilde when she launched "Basic Instinct" in Italy. The first photos of newly in love Diana and Dodi Al Fayed were taken on Polli's family yacht. Hilde left the model business in 1985, and has since been at home with the children. ▪ Johanna Sole Polli (born in 1983) ▪ Alexander (born in 1986 – dead 2016) ▪ Nikolas (born in 1990). The family had home and houses in Italy, Switzerland, France and Norway. But the family had a permanent address in Milan. They spend six week every summer in there summer house in Norway and every Christmas they spend whit Hilde`s parents and brother in Oslo, Norway. All here children speak four languages: English, Italian, Norwegian and French. After 20 years, the marriage ended. Then Hilde realized it: “I was an alcoholic. I opened the first bottle of wine at six in the afternoon. At ten o'clock I lay down with a glass of vodka on the bedside table. I carried a deep, inner sadness”. She was admitted to a drug clinic in the United States. "I had lived an adventurous life "in the fast lane". Quickly. Loud. Fast. I lived to be admired. But who was I really? I accepted that there was a lot I did not fix. That was the key”. Today… Today, Hilde describes her life as small and good. She lives now in London and she work as a psychotherapist – she started when she was 50 years old. The apartment in London is the same size as the kitchen department in the Polli house in Milan. Before she had a private driver, now she has a parking space on the subway. Occasionally small drops come from the old life, like a dinner party at the designer Valentino. Hilde has here home in London, St Moritz and a summer house in Sandefjord, Norway. Note August 22, 2016 - Alexander died on in Chamonix, Haute-Savoie, France – only 31 years old - after a wingsuit crash in the French Alps - after he crashing into a tree at an altitude of nearly 5,000 feet (1,500 meters). Alexander was one of the world's most respected parachutists and wing suit jumpers. He was best friends whit Stavros Niarchos (Paris Hilton's ex-boyfriend) – and in 2006, Alexander was dating Britney Spears for a short period. Her daughter, Johanna is married to Robert Kemp-Gee and they have the twin sons Loki & Kai (born 2014)? – and a daughter (born 2019)?... They lived in London, UK. Her third son Nikolas (born 1990) is there not so much information about.
  6. Thank you for all the beautiful covers @Dayrell
  7. ... sorry - I have not the orginals any more 😌 I had this for som years - but I just found them now...
  8. Here first job – she was 13 years old
  9. - from 1991 Chatelaine Vintage Womens Fashion Magazine
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