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  1. Welcome back! Which countries did you visit?

  2. How's the trip working out so far?

  3. Have a good trip!

  4. Hahaha jk jk

  5. you could be :D

  6. He does...but I sure don't :(

  7. weird I just sent u a pm :S

  8. 007 is my hero! :D

  9. You bet I am :D

    Check your pm.

  10. That's weird. Who wouldn't wanna go to Europe??

    If you're in Amsterdam and you want to meet your BZ buddy, let me know :D

  11. It is going to be great. I've backpacked through Europe and it was awesome.

    Which countries are you gonna visit and are you going alone?

  12. ready for ur big trip?

  13. Ack

    I do get some time of, so it's not too bad.

    Sucks about those qualifications. Why didn't u take some time of and travel a bit?

  14. Ack

    I think the invite is still on its way to Australia :(

  15. Adriana means nothing to me. We got married because she needed a green card.

    Are you going to bagpack? Travelling alone or with friends?

  16. Ack

    Why don't you apply for an internship somewhere in Europe?

    Travelling is nice, but I have to admit that it gets old very fast, because you're working and therefor can't really enjoy the scenery.

  17. Are you going to Europe? When and for how long are you going?

    If you get to Amsterdam/The Hague. Let me know! :D

  18. did u enjoy ur weekend?

  19. Ack

    I'm a genetic analist (immunogeneticist) for the University of Amsterdam. So I travel the world to do projects. It is great fun! But a lot of hard work. You were going to university, right? Have u graduated already?

    I know Adriana got married. I was sad to see that you weren't on our wedding.

  20. u gotta want it too...

  21. Ack

    But how/who are you doing man?

  22. Ack

    I'm a lot busier with work related stuff atm. And BZ isn't as fun as it was before, to me.

  23. Yeeeeeeeeh! So you're going to move to Amsterdam?

  24. No I'm not. It just didn't work out :(

    Soooo what's ur answer? :D

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