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  1. If only. The only certainties I seem to have is that VS will, somehow, disappoint me in astounding levels every year. This year I would say a lot of my discontentment already relies on the fact that they didn't make Josephine an angel, but, that's just me. Waiting to see how the VSFS will probably make me say I'm never watching it again; but then coming back next year to check on the threads so that I can be upset all over again. It's probably a very unhealthy obsession. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. That makes 2 of us. But, ugh, I hate that I keep coming back around just cause... I know it'll eventually disappoint me.
  3. ^ Haha... Yeah, over the years I've grown to realize that VS will disappoint me in the worst possible ways...
  4. I know, but, I just figure since she's actually been given a chance to shine, then, well, why not?!
  5. Agreed. I think the FB could maybe go to Elsa. She spent too many years just walking Pink and it's nice for VS to finally decide to upgrade her to the mainline. She's been with them for a considerable amount of time, perhaps it's time for her to finally get the attention she worked so long for. Other than that, I think if not Elsa, the FB would likely go to one of the older angels. Since Candice, Adriana and Alessandra have all had it in the near past, it might be between Lily and Behati. Also agree with the one who said Doutzen should have had it, because she rocked their runway for the longest time and she should have had the chance!
  6. And I thought that segment last year 'Exotic Traveler' has overdone the whole colorful feathers thing. Let's see what will they throw out as segments this year, but. O have liked the idea with bugs and whatnot... I guess I'm also fairly excited to see some of the new girls rocking wings...
  7. I like the idea of having mixes too... It would be nice to give the girls a chance to shine and not be outshined by any performer. Has anything been confirmed yet?
  8. Haven't liked those past 2 girls either. They're just... Meh.
  9. Agreed there! For some of the rookies the pictures are just so painful to look at...
  10. I'm also going with Jac. I find her quite lovely. Though I believe they have been grooming Sara to take Adriana's place when she chooses to retire for like ever, and I like Sara's personality. Coming in 3rd for me is Romee. I've always kind of had a soft spot for that one. Then Elsa.
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