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  1. Meryl


    does anyone have the awesome vid of adriana boxing? she looked amazing there
  2. i found her presence at the vsfs amazing too. she has something special
  3. quite honestly... i think it is looking too costumey. back in 2002, 2003 and 2005 i could still see lingerie... sexy lingerie that didn't need embellishments/tutus to be sexy.
  4. That's why she had Orlando there. For moral support. I feel Chanel has been acting like she got something to prove more than Miranda has. She has been extra "in your face" recently---trying to milk every moment she gets. VS' Spring Cleaning coming up soon!!! i don't think chanel has been doing anything apart from being a little hyper but i did notice that Miranda has this new-found snotty attitude. very unlike when we first saw her. she now exudes the look at me, take photos of me, i'm a celebrity vibe.
  5. i can't believe how much lily's tan destroyed her look/beauty. she looks like she's burnt not tanned. ale x3 because the colors at least look good and match her glowing skin.
  6. Meryl


    well i loved everything about adriana for this fashion show and in fact for the recent few months. her butt is probably the most amazing (after KK in 2005) but i THINK it was the best butt on show at the VSFS 2011. i think her diet is fine... it is just gruelling. gotta admire her guts for being honest. she did say that before her pregnancy she didn't even need to exercise or diet... so this is really the hardwork that models who have given birth need to go through and we should accept that. even normal people who try to get back their pre-baby figures (not the the extent of looking perfect under the scrutiny of millions and udner bright lights) have to go under extreme exercise or diets in short bursts.
  7. man those who are not sold on karlie need to see her walk in super angels. she is a real stunner. her walk is incredible and her pose is incredible. I felt an improvement from and loved Adriana and Doutzen this year. not feeling candice, lily A and chanel. partial to ale, miranda, erin, lindsay and behati. unfortunately candice does not suit this hairstyle or makeup and lily really doesn't suit it. Ale and Miranda looked pretty as usual. Doutzen is just gorgeous for this make up and she has such a consistent dreamy image. Adriana really toned down on those faces according to the videos so far yay! and her booty is phenomenal! best surprises: Karlie Kloss, Sui He, Toni, Bregje, Shanina, Lily D, Constance J, Joan
  8. Meryl


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzEjljwOGWY the full super angels segment credit pen6693 of TFS adriana opens strong and very characteristically her! karlie kloss absolutely stole the show. strong walk, long legs and that attitude when she posed!
  9. Meryl


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzEjljwOGWY adriana's walk is amazing!!! her outfit is amazing too. credit pen6693 of TFS
  10. Meryl


    http://www.antena3.com/celebrities/famosos...1111000050.html from Jeiema of TFS. =D adriana looks amazing
  11. Meryl


    SUI HE looks AMAZING!
  12. Meryl

    Misc. Images

    karlie kloss is looking like a fit for the show. =D and Adriana looks stunning in the backstage photoshoot!
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