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  1. Remember me? :p

    How have you been? Happy belated birthday!

  2. I believe she's lost quite a few pounds... check these pics out. http://www.moejackson.com/2009-kim-kardash...as-pump-ow-1013 I think she looks good. Her tummy and thighs look great and she still got ass like dayumn!
  3. L-A-M-E. VS... what the fuck has happened to you? They were this desperate? Are they doing that badly?! I honestly don't think I'll watch the show this year... seems like it would be a total waste. And NO, not because Adriana isn't there. Really though, the shows are getting God awful.
  4. I was reading Life & Style magazine about 2 weeks ago and saw that Adriana had a page in the magazine where she shared her beauty secrets. I don't have a scan, but here's what she said she uses: Adriana Lima recently shared with Life & Style Magazine some of her Favorite Beauty Products. Adriana says she loves to use Rodin Olio Lusso Face Oil sharing, "I love this face oil. Only one drop is needed to bring out the best in my skin." Rodin Olio Oil is available at http://www.nydg.com/ $135 per bottle Another of her favorites is Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel. Adriana also uses Coconut Water as a toner to hydrate her gorgeous skin. Coconut water is generally available at natural markets, like Whole Foods. She also says she tries to wash her hair only twice a week since it tends to be dry.
  5. ^ She does look good there, imo. I'm kind of diggin' that latex skirt.
  6. The model search is f*cking stupid. Stick to your own models and models that are actually experienced, VS. <_< And I too, wish that they wouldn't have such ridiculous costumes and pathetic gestures on the catwalk. This is supposed to be a fashion show after all, not a damned circus. I feel like it's just a circus show now. I wish they'd go back to the classy, no-BS shows like they had 10 years ago. This is just pathetic. It gets worse and worse every year when they think that they're outdoing themselves. Whatever.
  7. Thank you Minerva, Marchessa, and Playgirl. Lovely photos!!
  8. Aww, sweet! Thank you for the photo. :D <3

  9. She tripped and fell on the red carpet? That girls' face is priceless. haha! But goodness she is so pretty. <_<
  10. ^ Thank you. I just finished watching it. I thought it was a bad movie. I'm glad I never watched it at the movie theatre. And seriously? Amanda Seyfried (sp?) is insane for accepting that role. Downgrade!
  11. You mean wine port or post ? Sorry, couldn't resist . Yes . Also, what's the most far out color or pattern you've experimented with ? Ummm... I never bought it but I did try a bright yellow color from MAC that actually looked pretty awesome. But I do love bright colors... preferably pinks. I have lots of pink lipsticks, nude lipsticks, and red lipsticks. But I do love the bolder colors like the yellow or the neon orange. I just wouldn't wear them on an everyday basis...
  12. Stunning in Cannes! Wow. She's so gorg. Her tattoo on her arm looks similar to V Beck's.
  13. ^ Really? Any wedding photos?
  14. Yes... Should I add it to my port?
  15. Gorgeous shots. Thanks Playgirl.
  16. Part 1 of my lip series... "Some Like It RED Hot" Btw I'm wearing "Russian Red" L/S by MAC in the photo with beauty rush lipgloss on top.
  17. :shock: I don't like her new tattoo. It is cute that it has her son's name on it though.
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