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  1. What ? How ? With who ? Though she's single lol
  2. She was at casting for Sports Illustrated 2015. Would be cool if they pick her
  3. Do anyone follow her instagram @lundbaack and can keep posting photos from there to here ?
  4. Thats Marcelo Costa, ex boyfriend, they were engaged but broke up.
  5. Her friend and photographer, they work together. thanks she is lonely? Yup, single
  6. There were a few times that I saw LOCAL commercials during some of the commercial slots. I was really surprised by seeing a low budget commercial for a local car dealer during the second quarter... Not sure how that happened but I'm guessing other people saw similar "local" ads too.
  7. Did she removed her tattoo completely, or just changed it someway ? Anyone know ?
  8. Yup, she's going to marry. Lucky bastard
  9. She is amazing ! But she post so little pics on her twitter and instagram accounts ;(
  10. What is it about ? I would like to take Nina or EdP but don't know if i can work this out
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