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  1. i wonder why these haven't been posted yet [credit to jssy4eva tfs / gtsgts modelhommes]
  2. Thank you so much, Rei, Solange looks gorgeous in that ed :blush:
  3. "Hot Stuff" Vogue Germany September 2007 by Jenny Gage & Tom Betterton [credit to helligirl]
  4. Isabel Marant S/S 07 backstage [credit to min-SH]
  5. "Trends from New York" Bazaar July 2007 by Anthony Ward [credit to sister-d]
  6. "Pure Wonder" Vogue Italia June 2007 by Ellen von Unwerth [credit to alix]
  7. "The New Bob" Allure June 2007 by Michael Thompson [credit to Faith Akiyama]
  8. "Nostalgia Baby" Vanity Fair Italy February 2007 by Pascal Chavallier [credit to Pashen'ka]
  9. "A Dream of Sunshine" Vogue Nippon June 2007 by Lane Coder [credit to tanya LJ]
  10. Nina you can include your top ten underneath your siggy (as before) as long as it's no more than three lines
  11. Nina, why did you :knives: the siggy i made for you :yuckky:
  12. "Extase" by Horst Diekgerdes [credit to mariemaud]
  13. "Effleurée" by Solve Sundsbo [credit to mariemaud]
  14. "Immaculee" Numéro May 2007 by Miles Aldridge [credit to mariemaud and tanya]
  15. Another Magazine unknown issue nudity Luca1 Luca2
  16. German Vogue May 2007 by Blaise Reuterswald nudity Morgane1 Morgane2 Morgane3 Morgane4 Morgane5 Morgane6 [credit to mariemaud]
  17. "New Pop" German Vogue May 2007 by Jenny Gage & Tom Betterton [credit to helligirl]
  18. "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" Cover Magazine May 2007 by Jimmy Backius nudity ahead Mona1 Mona2 Mona3 [credit to tanya]
  19. Neiman Marcus "The Book" May 2007 "On a Blue Streak" [credit to Faith Akiyama]
  20. nina, it seems you have to reanimate my old siggy
  21. so now i'm feeling free to post this pic since pink vanilla has changed her avi
  22. "Doppio Gioco" Flair April 2007 by Javier Vallhonrat [credit to secura]
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