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  1. I just love his hair, his eyes, his lips, and his nipples!
  2. Or more correctly a runway model who admits to being gay.
  3. Super PIP is almost certainly right. A top male model has to pretend to be straight or at least be low key about his gayness. It's hard to imagine the beautiful and charming Scott to do that. He may get a lot of work and spin into other opportunities however.
  4. I do think Andres is sexy, but your opinion about most (non-model) male sex symbols is apt.
  5. It's almost unfair how beautiful and interesting, etc, non-straight guys are! Anyhow, is this the same boyfriend that someone posted a pic of a few years ago?
  6. Thank you for the message Imarta. Wish there were more pics.
  7. Nice that David is working again.
  8. LOVE that pic. The guys look so beautiful and natural.
  9. Always the ultimate hot French blonde guy.
  10. Always have loved the way this Canadien boy looks in clothes. He especially wears Italian style very well.
  11. He is of Greek and Italian origin.
  12. Such a gifted man. He's a dancer as well.
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