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  1. Who's the girl in your avi ? she's really pretty :)


  2. Ei Sarnic who is in your avi ?

  3. AngelGirl

    Marina Laswick

    Better blonde But she is beautiful !!
  4. AngelGirl

    Marina Laswick

    How old is she ?
  5. Yess I'm a Fan of Sara !!

  6. AngelGirl

    Sandra Kubicka

    Hi i'm new ... sorry for my bad english I'm italian I really like Sandra and her personality :) I found this on you tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eshXUA8eFGo (sorry if is a repost)
  7. Lovely profile,, I love Sara too. i rated you 5 starts. :)

  8. AngelGirl

    Sara Sampaio

  9. AngelGirl

    Giorgia Palmas

    From Sorrisi