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  1. It's this true? Because Bella H. walk in the PUNK Segment or I'm wrong?
  2. Elsa liked the comment on Lais Instagram
  3. I don't think this is the "secret"...she never works for VS only Pink
  4. This isn't true Devon don't have a free pass at all. She goes to the castings every year...she posted on snapchat. You only have free pass if you're Name are Hadid ?
  5. She WIN! Follow me on Facebook http://facebook.com/sarasampaio.portugal Since 20 May 2011 !
  6. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.591133004268098.1073741854.188162971231772&type=1
  7. i was today in instragm an sara likes a picture with a guy "brycethompson8" and they say : brycethompson8 Cause we celebrating my homeslice @sarasampaio getting her wings. @VSshow and she coment with <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  8. Sara Sampaio has given a interview for a Portugese Magazine Flash. Flash: Mudando de assunto. Já fez vários trabalhos para a Victoria's Secret mas ainda nao é um "anjo". Para quando é que a vamos ver a desfilar com asas? Sara Sampaio: Quem sabe um dia.. Flash: Vê a Sharam Diniz - a primeira portugesa a desfilar para a marca - como uma rival? Sara Sampaio: Claro que não. Como é que pode haver rivalidade se os mercados de cada uma de nós são tão diferentes? Falando da Victoria's Secret, estou a trabalhar com eles desde Setembro e há uma razão - que não posso revelar - por não ter feito o desfil. Portanto, ninguém roubou o lugar a ninguém. Que isto fique bem claro. In English, I'm sorry about the spelling/orthography Flash: Changing the subject. You have done various jobs for Victoria's Secret but are not an "angel". When we will see you with this wings? Sara Sampaio: Maybe one day... Flash: See Sharam Diniz- the first portugese how walk for the brand Victoria's Secret - do you see her as a rival? Sara Sampaio: Of course not. How can there be rivalry if the markets for each of us are so different? Speaking of Victoria's Secret, I'm working with them since September and there is a reason i can not reveal for not walk for Victoria's Secret. So nobody stole the place to anyone. Let this be clear. and now we must wait this Interview is from January 2013!! I post it time ago! it was this page!
  9. ES MAGAZINE! IS AAAAAAAAMAZING! *_* AND THE OTHER PICTURES IS FROM MAVI JEANS Question, can i buy this Magazine in Europe?
  10. Barbara Palvin talk about Sara Sampaio in the new Cosmopolitan Hungary, She says that Sara Sampaio is her best model friend!
  11. Polaroids Central Models 2013 http://sarasampaiohq.com/cpg15x/thumbnails.php?album=232
  12. Flash Magazine Nr. 501 (www.facebook.com/sarasampaio.portugal) and the other 2 pages are from Correio da Manhã
  13. Flash Magazine! Nr. 205 (www.facebook.com/sarasampaio.portugal)
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