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  1. love this woman, shes so sweet and elegant looking
  2. insane body, made for high speeds
  3. shes lovely! someone with terrible taste rated this thread with 1 star
  4. you're a machine that cannot be stopped! thanks!
  5. Fascinating man and life, which usually go hand in hand. didnt know he was a war hero
  6. that body is a wet dream waiting to happen definitely subscribed, unreal hottie
  7. Ive recently noticed that many women I like look a lot like cats, or at least have a very feline features, and I think thats true with Natalie too Shes a lot prettier in real life than in photos
  8. thanks! amazing she doesnt have a thread in here
  9. shes very well known but I cant remember her name https://youtu.be/xSWY2v1ho2U?t=6m9s
  10. I used to have a Gf that looked like her in the sense that no matter what she wore she always looked elegant, didnt matter if she wore vulgar clothes, she always looked classy, I think its the same with this girl shes interesting, I like her
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