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  1. FirstonTheMoon

    Anna Avila

    she has victoria secret angel written all over her
  2. FirstonTheMoon

    Niamh Adkins

    I adore her, shes gorgeous, sexy, playful, lovely, but I dunno if Im the only one who absolutely hates those swimsuits, very unflatering
  3. FirstonTheMoon

    Celine Bethmann

    Cannot resist girls with freckles, shes lovely, has that dutch-german country girl charm
  4. FirstonTheMoon

    girls on Calvin Harris Blame video

    @bay_huy delayed thanks!!!!
  5. FirstonTheMoon

    Anna Avila

    easily the most underrated model on bellazon, shes such a sweet delight
  6. FirstonTheMoon

    Emily Barbe

    so she isn't english, she's french?
  7. FirstonTheMoon

    Olivia Rudman

  8. FirstonTheMoon

    I do have a great suggestion

    Heres my idea, which I reckon it must have been brought up before in different forms and variants: PROBLEM: Bellazon besides other things its a photographic archive of beauty, but on that regard it could use an archive system that would help solve the deleted, taken down or simply not loading pictures,problems that you see in so many older threads and posts EXAMPLE: theres not a single picture that has survived in the first 5-6 pages, my idea would solve this so lets go to my idea SUGGESTION and SOLUTION: So to keep alive-online every single picture on every single thread I suggest two solutions: 1/ a member who loves that model or celebrity or person who likes her or him would be charged with the job of saving every single picture to a folder, which would be periodically uploaded in compressed format like zip or rar to any number of free hosts online like weshare or hopefully another that lets the files alive for a longer time 2/ this same function could be done by a mod or admin ADVANTAGES: besides knowing that you dont have to browse an entire thread for every picture, just click on a link, you also know that there won't be any lost pictures due to hosting or time related issues So lets say you want to download every single Eva herzigova picture posted on her thread. Well, the person in charged of her thread would had saved all her pictures to a folder on their PC, and then uploaded it online and would make that link available any time he or she finds agreeable (something like "pictures-EH-13oct17") so you know that file would contain every single picture posted until october 13 - 2017 ) and you could threadmark that post (I tjhnk you can threadmark with this software?) anyway hope you like my suggestion or at least it gives you a starting point for a better idea along the same lines so we can keep every picture posted on bellazon and in a very tidy fashion
  9. FirstonTheMoon

    Sofia Arellano

    PErsonally I think her thinness is a bit troubling. Im not against very thin models, some of them look very high fashion, but her body doesnt look healthy to me in some pictures Other than that, I think shes lovely
  10. FirstonTheMoon

    Anastasia Khozzisova

    what a gorgeous woman
  11. FirstonTheMoon

    Emily Barbe

    beautiful, is she english?
  12. FirstonTheMoon

    Jenna Dewan

    Her face is pretty much perfection, so perfect in fact that sometimes you forget shes a real woman, looks like an archetype for a manequin
  13. FirstonTheMoon

    gorgeous girl in an union jack dress

  14. FirstonTheMoon

    girls on Calvin Harris Blame video

    I even posted a picture and evrything, c'mon guys! I thought that model would be more well known
  15. FirstonTheMoon

    Raina Lawson

    wow, speechless, I'm a fan