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  1. Le vent se lève, il faut tenter de vivre.

  2. Pray for Ukraine

  3. praying for my country

  4. So glad to see you here, Mahi, hope everything is going well with you, your family, friends and your country in general. Just want to wish you all the best... CCC (kind of hugs for people you can't quite reach around))))

    1. Mahi


      Thanx dear,you don't know how much I miss interacting with you on board,miss your style comments and miss your kind soul.I'm doing so fine in my ife,so happy these days,life is going good for me.My friends and family are all fine.

      How about you? is it going well? how is your family?and you especially?

  5. "Why everything that's supposed to bad make me feel so good?"

  6. Amazing avi choice, Mahi! Amanda - one of the most beautiful newcomers and women on the whole.

    1. Mahi


      Thanx,another member also told me this,I wasn't a lot convinced by the avi because of the hat,but really I'm convinced now as you loving it,and really she's so striking,did you see the shoot of this avi which was posted by ELjefe,she has amazing pics there.

  7. Hi, I liked your Klimt very much, and what is on your avatar now? It's hard to tell at first sight...

    1. child in time

      child in time

      :)It˙s a Hercule Poirot (by DoraLauer/deviantart).(Final season 13. started and will end after 24 years with the finale, Curtain, based on the final novel Agatha Christie wrote featuring Poirot.)

    2. Single_Lady


      Thank you, child)

  8. Haven't been here for a few days and here we go - Mahi changed her avatar))) Dare I ask why? And why child again? Is it because you don't want to single out any specific model?

    1. Mahi


      Yes.I'm so amazed how you understand me,I don't like to be linked to any model,I love them all and I care for no one over one.So that's it.

      Seems you didn't like what I did,what do you think?I always like your opinions,give me an idea and maybe I'll let you choose one for me,but not model.

    2. Mahi


      And why I changed it,I love that avi alot,and it was hard for me to change it,it was source of smiling to me,and I had to change it as a kind of changing the mood after going through difficult times,I'm not happy with the new one.

      And Happy to see you again,you always add new great stuff,and one of few who I like to talk to.Cheers hun.

    3. Single_Lady


      No, I absolutely don't don't like it, this was just a bit unexpected) Frankly, I don't know what I can ever offer you, and I don't need actually, your both avatars are very recognizable, it's like your signature - but thanks for offering)

      My mind about you is absolutely mutual, sweetheart) All the best!

  9. "Money can buy a bed, but not a good sleep; food, but not appetite; medicines, but not health; a house, but not homey home; books, but not wit; jewelry, but not beauty; luxury, but not culture; entertainment, but not happiness; religion, but not salvation."

  10. Hi, lebron, love your avatar, it's amazing) Who is this gorgeous model?

  11. Hello, completely by accident I found your avi's photo in HQ/without tag, in case you're interested: http://imgbox.com/adwm76VK

    1. Single_Lady


      It's gorgeous, by the way)

  12. There would be far less suffering amongst mankind, if men did not employ their imaginations so assiduously in recalling the memory of past sorrow, instead of bearing their present lot with equanimity.

  13. Merry Christmas and the happiest New Year ever to you!!!

  14. My best wishes for Christmas and New Year to the one of the sweetest people I've know)))

    1. ILUVAdrianaLima


      Thx hun, hope you had a great Christmas too and enjoy the New Years coming...easy on the party juice :D

  15. Merry Christmas to the one of the nicest people))) Happy holidays to you and your family!

    1. Mahi


      Merry Christmas to you and to all your beloved ones,and really I'm not nicer than you.Love ya.

  16. Happy Christmas and a magnificent New Year to you and your family!!!

    1. FashionDream


      Awwwwww Merry Christmas to you to!! You're so sweet!

      I had a great time with my fam today.... I hope you did too!! xoxo

  17. Wishing you a happy Christmas and a magnificent New Year!!!

  18. Merry Christmas! Wishing you, your friends and family happy memories!

    1. Mickiala


      Awe thanks, Merry Christmas to you too, I'm going to see Les Mis this afternoon,I'm excited!! What are you doing for the holidays??

    2. Single_Lady


      Actually in my country Christmas is celebrated on January 7th, so my holidays will begin only in a week on New Year, and I'm not planning anything but spend more time with my family and friends) Oh, Les Misérables! Lucky you, I could see it only in february((( I'll be waiting for your report)))

    3. Mickiala


      I had no clue Christmas was celebrated on any other day, I googled(thanks for letting me know) are you in Armenia or Russia? I'm going to type my review right now on Les Mis under movies :)

  19. Merry Christmas! Happy memories to you and your family)))

    1. Jennka


      Thank you :) and happy new year to you as well! :D

  20. Hi, Mahi))) Maybe I'm going crazy, but your gender was male, wasn't it???

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    2. Single_Lady


      Ha, so, I'm going crazy indeed)))))

    3. Mahi


      when and where did you see it male?

    4. Single_Lady


      Sorry for delay, I didn't received notification...

      I'm not sure, this is probably just my inattention)))

  21. Hi, Mahi, thanks again for all your excellent reporting and hope you will enjoy your time off)))

    1. Mahi


      thanx SL,I'm taking time off the net next days,but how could you know?

      I'm glad to have you as friend,I feel we share many things together.

  22. Many thanks to you, ILUVAdrianaLima)))

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