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  1. with Shayna McNeill and Sofia Steinberg
  2. L'Express Styles Swimwear / Sunglasses Alex Brunet - Photographer
  3. Stella McCarney Lingerie Autumn-Winter 2010/11 REPOST in UHQ a rar with all in original colour: Server link
  4. wow Anna Speckhart for Trendi Magazine by Jason Lee Parry & Gandja Monteiro Director & DP - Gandja Monteiro Photography & Art Direction - Jason Lee Parry Model - Anna Speckhart w/ Marilyn Models Styling - Henna Koskinen Makeup & Hair - Karoliina Kangas Assistant Director - Hannah Schick Photo Assistant - Caleb Barton Post Production Assistant - Eduardo Maceiros Special Thanks - Trendi Magazine & Kelsea Davis Music - 13th Floor Elevators
  5. yeah, and i answered you

  6. Hmm, I dunno... I think they're not... thanks 4 your scans! Here others from ebook30.com Glamour France - March 2011 Palettes graphiques ph: James Macari style: Sh. Naquet two differents pics in James Macari web (>photography>beauty)
  7. this is? http://exclusive-management.com/default.aspx but nothing of Anna at the moment Cool, how do you know this will be her new agency? i don´t know, just a stupid conjecture... sorry
  8. did you recive my pm?

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