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  1. sick? I'm confused... Are you ill?

  2. Oh, Gladiator is awesome! :D

    I love American History X, Red Dragon, Sleepers, Apollo 13,... a lot of films. ^^

  3. I'm changing the topic, if you don't mind. XD What are (in general) your favourite movies?

  4. I had a phase where I loved Lotr, but that was a while ago. ^^ I still like it, though...

  5. You mean "The perfume?" Yes, it#s really interesting. Here in germany it's one of the most popular books ever (it was on the 3rd rank. no 1 was lord of the rings, no 2 the bible *lol*) It's about a killer who wants to create the perfect perfume by using the bodies of dead girls...

  6. I used to like Hamlet a lot, but therefore I hated King Liar... ^^ We are reading "the perfume" by patrick s

  7. I read a lot of shakespeare a while ago but I've never read R&J. My favourite is hamlet, though. ^^ Aw, tomorrow is monday, mondays suck...

  8. Ah, what's an R&J essay? I have never heard about that.

    I should do some stuff for school right now but I'm too lazy! :P

  9. Yea, a lot of fun, thanks! ^__^ How are you doing? Have a good weekend?

  10. Today I was pretty busy. ^^ My mom celebrates her 50th birthday tomorrow so we had a lot to do... I'm a lazy person, I wasn't a big help, though. XD

    What was your day like?

  11. Yeah, it's amazing! :D I enjoy it!

  12. It's about 26 dgrees. ^^ T-Shirt-weather.

    Actually to warm for spring but I don't mind...

  13. It was pretty good. :) The weather here is amazing these days...

  14. Haha, I don't think so! XD But it doesn't matter, You understand me, I understand you, that's all that matters, right? ^.^

    How was your weekend, btw?

  15. Thank you. XD I's nice from you to say that.

    I'm glad weare able to communicate with each other without problemes. Seems that my school-english isn't as bad as I though it is. ^^

  16. HAPPY EASTER, btw. ^^

  17. Haha, you're very funny. ^^

  18. I'm sure it will be on english but I also think that they'll translate it in french as well as in german. ^^

  19. Don't worry. A company already bought the rights to make a movie out of it. ;) So you don't have to read and will nevertheless get a chance to know the story. *g*

  20. Half of my comment is deleted. XD Guess it was too long. It's the irony that hurted so much at the end of the book. Somehow it's her fault because she didn't marry him when he had no profession (he didn't needed one, he was rich enough)...

  21. Because the end touched me. In this book (at the beginning) there was a rich man who loved a woman and wanted to marry her. But she said, that she wouldn't like a man who doesn't do anything and has no real profession. So he searched for a good job/profession. At the end (a few years later) they both know that his job is more important to him than his wife. They say "goodbye" and &

  22. Ah, that's quite complicated. I'd say it's a mixture of Jane Austen/Joanne K. Rowling/Tolkien.

    It's a book about two magicians in the early 19th century. It's really funny and touching and the author has an amazing style. She wrotes wonderful sentences... ^^ I finished it a few minutes ago and I cried like a baby (I usually never cry because of books or movies! Never

  23. Haha, don't know if Vogue or Numero can bee seen as books. Well, let's say yes! ;)

    I'm reading "Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrel". I'm not quite sure if this is a well known book but the critics love it. ^^

  24. Sadly I'm rather bored these days. With one exception: I'm reading a hilarious book! ^^ Do you read a lot?

  25. haha, time to wear the (Playboy) bunny - costume! XD

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