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  1. Hi! just thought I could leave a comment here because... ehm... because I'm in the mood for it. ^^ How are you?

  2. yes, on the 31st of may... ^^

  3. Haha, birthdays are great! I'm looking forward to my birthday... ^^

  4. Sunglasses Sound cool!

    And money is always good! ^^

  5. So, what did you get for your b-day? :)

  6. Too early! He's born on the 25th of may. That's on friday. ^^

  7. I think here (germany) it's the 21st may... My father is born on the 25th and he is gemini... ^^

  8. Taurus and gemini are the same?! O_o

    I didn't think so...

  9. Oh! Cool! How old will you get? Are you gemini? (twin?)...

  10. I mad jokes about him and he wanted to toss it on my shoulder but it landed in my face. XD I was very angry and he said that he was sorry and didn't mean to do any harm.

  11. Someone tossed a ball pen into my face (slightly over the right eye) at school. -.- *lol* Nice, isn't it?

  12. The black suit looks pretty good on Peter/Tobey. And it's very cool how his character changes when he wears it. ^^

  13. I like the third movie and the first the best (although critics love the second movie and I've to admit that it contains the best scene). in the 3rd the fights with the green goblin are very cool and the enemy venon is cool...

  14. It has it'sflaws but all in all it was good, especially the special effects...

  15. Did you watch Spiderman 3 yet? Or don't you like such movies? ^^

  16. I wish you luck so that you'll have the chance to go! *crosses fingers*

  17. Oh, Italy! That sounds great! :D Italian food is awesome! XD Pasta, Pizza!

  18. Plans for the summer? Well, probably. I want to make a hort trip to an other german town with a friend of mine. The only problem: I don't know if I have enough money. What about you?

  19. Ah, yes. Free days are always great! XD

    So, how is the weather? ^^

  20. I'm sure there are other days when you have free and I have to go to school. ^^ I wish you a nice weekend, btw!

  21. That's a really good question. I've to admit that I don't know it. But they also call it "day of work" here. (Which is strange considering that noone goes to work)... I'll do some research on this... ^ ^

  22. Nothing special. XD

    I was hiking today. Becvaue here, the 1st may, everyone has a free day and most people go hiking... Did you have a free day? Oo

  23. Such language barriers can lead to funny situations. XD

  24. Oh! XD Hahaha!

    Yes, that makes much more sense!

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